HMI Configuration



Analytical Automation, LLC can configure many different HMI and SCADA packages.   We are familiar with many of the major brands, including Intellution iFix and Fix32, GE Cimplicity, Wonderware, Rockwell RSView, and many others.  We are also willing to learn new products if you have some other HMI product in mind.  We can develop custom screens to your specifications.  We create screens that are user friendly, and develop them specifically to your plant.  We like to get input from management and operators in order to create the best product for you.  If the operators or operations do not like the screen layout of the system, we will make changes as you see fit.  A good HMI allows operators to interact with the equipment in a way that makes sense to them.

A well-designed interface should require no additional training of the operator. Ideally, there should also be very little in the way of a manual. Although a perfect HMI could seem very complex to someone outside the industry, an operator who knows the particular manufacturing process should be able to take the general knowledge that he has about the world, combine it with the specific knowledge that he has about the industry, and figure out how to operate the equipment. This is a goal that is too many times not even considered, and as a result many plants end up with very poor representations of their process. This results in, at best, frustration with the equipment, and at worst downtime and lost-time accidents.


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             Sample HMI Computer Display                                        Sample HMI Computer Display

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